Difference between Kimono and Yukata

Japan is very famous nation all over the world because of its rich culture and traditions. Kimono and Yukata are the most custom or common dresses in Japan and people from all over the country used these dresses. There are many people in the world who think that Kimono and Yukata are two distinct names of the same dress. However, with a closer look you can identify many differences between Kimono and Yukata which are two distinct dresses and cannot be considered as the same in any aspect.

Although there are certain similarities in Kimono and Yukata because of their outward appearance but they are different in many ways. Kimono is a traditional Japanese dress which is the most common dress in Japan at the present hour. Yukata is also another traditional dress in Japan that is also frequently used but it has less importance as compared to Kimono. Kimono is a combination of two words Ki and Mono which means a thing to wear while Yukata means a bathing robe that seems like a dress which is used for shower. Kimono dresses contain a huge variety including design and colours while Yukata does not offer a huge variety as it is a simple dress and is available in the similar form all over the country. Keep reading to know more about Kimono and Yukata.


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    Kimono is the traditional dress of Japan and it is very famous all over the world when it comes to discuss about Japan’s dresses. There are no age restrictions for wearing Kimono because it can be used by people of all ages from children to the old aged persons. This dress is T-shaped and the sleeves of Kimono are very wide that make it comfortable for people to wear. The left side of Kimono is wrapped around the right side over the shoulder and a string is used to keep the robe at its place. It is one of the most fascinating dresses in Japan and every Japanese person wants to wear it on different occasions.

    - Image courtesy: kimonocentral.com

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    Yukata is a traditional dress that is widely used in Japan. This is one of the most used dresses in summer by all Japanese people because it makes them feel comfortable. Basically it is like a robe and it is used by both males and females in Japan. It is made of cotton which makes it more comfortable during the summer and people enjoy its long sleeves. Usually young people in Japan wear bright colours of Yukata while older people used dark colours. Yukata gives a sober look to the wearer and it is also very economical that makes it easy for everyone to afford this dress.

    - Image courtesy: city.soka.saitama.jp

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