Difference Between Treaty and Convention

Treaty refers to agreements or pacts between nations or nation states of the world on a number of issues. Treaties have existed since the early human civilisation as empires and kingdoms fought for power on various issues and usually agreed pacts with each other to benefit them. These have provided the grounds of recent treaties between states and governments. When United Nations came to existence, treaties were put in accordance with the international laws. On the other hand, a lot of people confuse convention as a treaty as they have similar meanings. However, you will find that they are synonyms. Nevertheless, know that there are differences between convention and treaty and they are set by different rules.

A convention is a unique type of international treaty. A treaty is used to put an end to a conflict or disagreement between countries and a convention comes into force when some countries want to talk about global crisis and agreement to be agreed by the parties included in the treaty. It is a process that starts with deliberations and is disclosed by a deal that is made by the member countries. However, a treaty can be agreed right away by the member parties.


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    It is a kind of treaty or agreement between several countries. Majority of the countries in the world start talks on global problems and come to a consensus on actions they should pursue. For instance, there have been a lot of discussions under the aegis of United Nations after they introduced conventions like Vienna Convention, Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, convention on wetlands among others.

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    On the other hand, treaty is a written agreement agreed by a couple of countries or international companies. Members of treaties agree to adhere to rules and regulations and accept liabilities for any mishap at their end. After the introduction of United Nations, countries agree upon treaties that are approved by the UN as it has been bestowed power by the member countries. Recent treaties and that agreed by member countries after 1969 are conducted by international regulations as per Vienna Convention on the Laws of Treaties. It bases the fundamentals of all international treaties and has been approved by 111 member countries of the world. It is more popularly known as the Treaty of Treaties. Treaty’s purpose is to end any disagreement or conflict between states.

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