Top 10 Taboos in American Society

Different countries and cultures find different practices intolerable and unethical. These practices are referred to as taboos in accordance with that particular culture, region, country or society. Taboos vary from region to region, though there are some practices that are considered taboos in nearly every society.

The list of taboos in American society is particularly long, though a lot of these practices are slowly gaining public support and thus becoming acceptable. Taboos are neither created nor fade in a short time and therefore it is safe to assume that in the long course, the only taboo remaining in America and the rest of the world would be to regard something as taboo.


  • 1

    Drinking during pregnancy

    While women in other countries such as France do not think of it as a big deal to consume a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy, American women think differently. Being aware of the harmful effects that alcohol has on an unborn baby, they not only refrain from alcohol, but consider it to be a huge taboo.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
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    One of the hottest topics during the election campaign in the US is abortion and the stance of the two political parties, namely Democrats and Republicans on it. Abortion may be getting acceptance, but talking to a woman about her abortion is still a taboo in America.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
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    Religion is a personal matter and everyone in America is free to follow whatever religion they wish to follow. However, the American society does not approve of religious discussions taking place in public and frown upon it.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 4

    Cheating on spouse

    Even though the Asian and middle-east countries commonly portray America as a country with little to no morals, the reality is pretty different. In countries like Russia, cheating on your spouse is not a big deal. However, the American society does not accept extra-marital affairs and look at it with great disdain.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 5

    Arranged marriages

    Arranged marriages are a norm in countries such as India and Pakistan, but the American society rejects the concept of getting married to someone you do not even know properly or someone that your parents have chosen for you. Instead, they believe that the reason for marrying someone should be love.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 6


    Prostitution is one of the biggest contributors to the underground economy in most countries of the world and America is no exception. However, the American society neither respects nor encourages prostitution. The American government is also known to have arrested “sex-workers” and put them behind bars for engaging in banned activities.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 7

    Drugs are a big no in the American society. If a person is found to be in possession of illegal drugs, he will find himself spending a significant portion of his life in jail.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 8


    Polygamy may be allowed in the Islamic countries, but it is a big taboo in America. The society does not accept or respect the concept of having more than one partner at a time.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 9


    Paedophilia is not only a huge taboo in the American society, it is a huge crime. It is actually a psychiatric disorder that is characterised by a man being sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. It is not something acceptable anywhere in the world.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society
  • 10


    Being sexually attracted or involved with a family member is called incest. It is one of the most common taboos in all cultures around the globe. While some countries, such as Japan, commonly touch the topic, the American society generally condemns this practice and it is hardly ever talked about.

    Top 10 Taboos in American Society

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