5 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

There is no doubt that all us humans love drama. We want to believe what is not even true. We want something miraculous or magical to happen in our lives on a daily basis. Once that is not happening, we start making up our own stories. We want to believe that they are true. We ask others to testify for us and they do because they also love drama. This is where the conspiracy theories take a shape of actual facts even though they are just theories.

Here is a list of the top conspiracy theories of the world. It could be a UFO landing to the first landing on the moon. Scroll down and be surprised.


  • 1


    Yes, the biggest terrorist attack which has taken place in the world is actually a conspiracy theory. People believe that the United States of America actually planted the attack themselves. They claim that the towers cannot come down due to jet fuel only.

    nine eleven
  • 2


    Even though this might sound extremely absurd to some people, but there are actually people alive in this world who say that the Holocaust was just a drama and never actually took place.

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    Area 51

    An unknown object crashed near Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947 and people believe that there might be aliens involved. The US government did not acknowledge Area 51 until 2003 and now people have all the more reasons to believe that it was a UFO that landed in 1947.

    area 51
  • 4

    Moon Landing

    Probably one of the biggest conspiracy theories in the world right now. The first ever moon landing that took place, people actually believe that it never happened and it was filmed by a director on this planet. They claim that since there is absolutely no wind on the moon, how the flag in the picture is flying.

    moon landing
  • 5

    New World Order

    Most recently the Zionist occupation has actually taken over the minds of many people. They claim that these Zionists are polluting their minds through different TV channels and other events which have taken place. They claim that now they want to govern the people’s mind in order to take over the world.

    new world order

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