Difference between Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar is a part of linguistics that studies the formation and use of the forms of words in any language. In ancient times, the term “grammar” was a synonym for linguistics.

Punctuation is a system in writing of any language. Each character remains as an auxiliary member for separating meaningful parts of the text, the logical and grammatical relationships between words and other functions.

Punctuation marks are placed in a sentence according to certain rules, the observance of which facilitates oral reading of written text (the alignment of semantic accents, pauses, intonation).


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    Grammar is a branch of linguistics that studies the structure of language and linguistic structures. The study of English grammar is boring and tedious. However, it cannot be neglected in any case. To increase the effectiveness of learning and make the process as easy and fun it is possible, you have to follow certain rules.

    Grammar is a system of language containing certain rules. Grammar is a vocabulary section, which forms the basis of language, which regulates the formation of words and speech segments. The main sections of the grammar are the syntax and morphology. Syntax studies the structure of sentences and phrases, and morphology regulates the rules of word formation from the point of view of different parts of speech. Universal grammar contains the rules that apply to all languages ​​and language groups. Private studying grammar contains rules of one particular language.

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    Punctuation is a system and set of rules that are used to simply the meaning of sentences in writing literature. By using punctuation, one can express semantic completeness of proposal, its articulation, pauses and intonation features of speech. Knowledge of the rules of punctuation makes it clear and helps in mastering the complex level of language. There is no doubt that the punctuation performs an important role in writing the proposal. With them, you cannot only express your emotional side through written form but also emphasize the importance of a statement and even change the meaning of the utterance. To teach people how to put all these characters correctly, grammar, punctuation is used in grammar. Punctuation analysis of proposals will allow you to understand why, in each case, to apply or not to apply the different signs. Whether you are writing a letter to family or friends, punctuation helps make the written text more understandable in terms of meaning and connection between words in sentences because wrong comma can radically change the meaning of the phrase.

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