Difference Between Unleaded and Super Unleaded

Clean gasoline or petrol is essential for your vehicle to run efficiently and save it from any problems that can result from engine wear and tear. The content of petrol in its original form can be very dirty and contain a number of chemicals that will harm an engine if they are above the recommended levels. This is  why choosing the right type of petrol is extremely important.

Unleaded is a type of petrol or gasoline in which the majority of lead content has been removed. Unleaded petrol does contain a minimum amount of lead that is needed by many vehicles that operate on roads throughout the world. For humans, animals and engines, lead is extremely harmful, which is why having a minimum content of it means a safer environment for everyone.

Increasing the octane rating in petrol is done to reduce the quantity of lead and in return, avoid the case of knocking that happens due to dirty fuel in a car’s engine. Using cleaner petrol with higher octane ratings can help keep your engine well maintained and trouble free for many years.

Such petrol which has a very high rating of octane in it and nearly no lead quantity is said to be Super Unleaded. This type of petrol is used in high performance vehicles that need the spark of the petrol to ignite quickly due to demand of the engine. Super unleaded petrol is costlier as compared to simple unleaded petrol and is recommended by manufacturers of higher end cars like BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Porsche.


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    Unleaded Petrol

    With a minimum RON rating of 91, unleaded petrol is the most commonly used fuel because it is efficient, clean and used in most commercially manufactured cars. It is not as expensive as other types of petrol and allows for the engine and environment to stay lead free, a chemical which has many hazardous consequences.

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    Super Unleaded Petrol

    Petrol which contains a high octane rating and is used when the need for high performance comes into the scene is classified as Super Unleaded. It contains a minimal amount of lead and is great for your engine as it burns efficiently and reduces the amount of wear and tear. The biggest negative factor is the high price associated with type of fuel.

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