Difference Between House Music and Trance

Those who are not familiar with genres of music think that house and trance music are the same but one can easily differentiate if he/she is electronic dance music lover. Both are subgenres of electronic dance music and have lot of commonalities.

They both are upbeat music which we hear in parties, clubs and other festive gatherings but still they have their own class and identity. Both music types carry an element of fun and liveliness. Probably, this is the reason that both music genres have gained popularity in no time.

Here are few basic differences to give you a clear idea about these subgenres of electronic dance music. House music has more prominent baseline and sounds natural whereas lot of synthetic effects make trance music bit artificial or emotionless.

Moreover, trance music has faster tempo as compared to house music which sounds sonically slower. Melody is the main focus of house music whereas trance music involves more chord progression. That is why; the energy level of trance is lot more than house music. Technically, house music is easy to play in clubs as it does not have complexities like trance music.


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    House Music:

    This genre of electronic dance music was introduced in 1980s and it gained popularity in next couple of years. The soulful and melodious feel took house music to new heights of popularity and it spread from America to Europe. Initially, it had slow tempos but then it became an upbeat and provocative music.

    Technically speaking, house music has very prominent baseline and live-sound samples are also introduced to make it more natural. House music builds energy and the tension keeps building on until the beat drops back in. Now musicians have gone one step further as a new genre “Progressive House” has been introduced with the fusion of house and trance music.

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    Trance Music:

    This genre of electronic dance music rose to prominence sometime in the 1990's. Due to its unique feel and effects, it was given the name of trance as it had the ability to take the audience to another state of consciousness. It had a fast tempo right from the beginning and this upbeat touch forced lot of people to become a die hard fan of trance music. However, the excessive use of sound effects makes it bit synthetic. Now the trance has different subgenres like Uplifting trance Acid, Classic and Progressive.

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