Difference between Gig and Concert

There are many people who do not know the difference between a Gig and a Concert. Basically, both a gig and a concert are musical events and are open for the fans or audiences. This is the main reason they are confused together as the basic purpose is playing music.

A gig can be referred to an event that is held in a small place or an indoor event. On the other hand, concerts are events that are on a large scale and are held in large auditoriums or stadiums. These events need a lot of time and preparation.

Gigs do not need a lot of preparation as there are limited number of people involved. There are usually musicians who are here to attend the event. On the other hand, concerts require a lot of arrangements to be made as there are thousands of people that would be attending the event.

Gigs usually involve people that are less popular or musicians who are finding a break in the music industry. Concerts are events that involve popular musicians who are extremely famous and can attract large crowds.

Gigs can take place in small places such as restaurants, cafes, college or school events, pubs or bars. On the other hand, concerts usually take place in large capacity stadiums or arenas. They cannot be held in small places as it would be impossible to accommodate the thousands of fans in a relatively smaller place.


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    Gigs are small events that are organized for musicians who are not very popular or are looking for a break. The crowd gathers in small numbers and generally belong to the music industry. These are smaller events that are organized in places such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars or college events. Gigs are performed by a number of small bands or relatively new performers who are looking for appreciation from the respective crowd.

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    Concerts are huge events that bring together thousands of fans for a musical. These are performed by artists that are extremely popular and who can pull a huge crowd. Concerts are mega events that are organized in places such as arena or stadiums as they require a huge capacity crowd. These are also publicized accordingly as the investors look to spend heavy amounts on marketing the event. The event usually involves performances from one or two renowned groups or solo performances.

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