Difference Between Tapers and Pinchers

Tapers and pinchers are two tools which are used by professionals who perform body modifications, or pierce ears. The two tools are used as a means to express yourself, via the modification of your body. It is considered to be an art form by some, while others consider it to be taboo.

The two are used for primarily for the same reason, however they differentiate on the basis of their shape, size and the method by which they work. This can be better understood, by taking a look at the two tools.

A taper is a conical rod like device, and its primary purpose is for tapering, which is a technique to create piercings, requiring you to stretch your skin. This is commonly used on earlobes. On the other hand a pincher is a tool which is used to pinch skin to create holes in it.

Most tapers come in variable shapes, sizes and lengths. However, all of them tend to have a slightly big gauge near the end. A pincher is normally used to pierce and attach jewelry to a person’s body. It is ‘U’ shaped, and is the optimal tool to use, when it comes to piercing ears, your nose or your eyebrows.

Tapers are made from acrylics or surgical steel. Sometimes, body modifiers use weights to speed up the whole process that taper performs.

Pinchers are made from sterling steel, titanium, surgical steels or acrylic materials. It can also be used to stretch skin like a taper if need be.


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    These are rods which are used to create piercings and body modifications on people. Ideally, they should be used to pierce ears. The whole process of a taper working can be sped up via the usage of weight.

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    This is also a tool which is used to pierce body parts. As opposed to tapers, which are suited to only pierce ears, pinchers can be used to pierce a number of body parts.

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