Difference Between Shipping and Billing Address

The advent of e-commerce has made a lot of difference in the way one perceives shopping. It is no longer a task that we perform by going to the store and picking up the products of our liking and pay for them. It is certainly not the only option and we can simply order merchandise online and save all the hassle.

The website from which we order the goods will charge the price and the shipping cost and send it over to our place. The online payments are done with the help of credit cards and there are ways in which the verification is done.

One of the ways is checking for the billing address. The billing address and the shipping address are two different concepts and can be same but are treated independently. The former is the address in which the credit card has been registered. This can be a person’s current or permanent address.

On the other hand, a shipping address is the address to which you wish the purchases to be delivered to. This can be the same as the billing address or a different address. There is no restriction on it.


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    Billing Address

    It is the address at which you receive the bill of your credit card and the one with which you have registered with the credit card company - your current address.

    It is an important verification tool for online payments and is checked in order to make sure that the right person is making the purchase.

    Other tools such as the expiry date of the card as well as the CVV at the back of the card are used for verification purposes.

    The web stores from which you purchase are very interested in this address since this is the address that will confirm you as the rightful owner of the card.

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    Shipping Address

    This is the address to which the goods that have been purchased are to be delivered. This can be your home address or some other address as per your preference. If you are looking to present someone with a gift, you can get the item gift wrapped and sent directly to their address.

    It is important to mention the shipping address since without it, the order cannot be processed and you may face a delay.

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