Difference between Expository and Persuasive

Writing informative essays are compulsory for students of social sciences and they have to follow many writing styles during this process. The most common writing styles are expository and persuasive as the writer tries to build an argument on the basis of facts and figures.

Both writing styles have a lot of things in common and these similarities make people think that they are same. Though, the purpose of both writing style is similar but still the technique is slightly different. The name says it all as expository style is just to broaden the exposure whereas the persuasive style is to convince the reader for some cause. These slight differences ultimately make their distinction.

The expository writing style aims to provide just the information. In this style, the writer just explains the main points of the theory and covers maximum aspects of the topic. Persuasive writing style is just to influence the opinion of the target audience.

There is also a difference in the tone of both writing styles. The persuasive style addresses the reader in an informal and personal manner whereas the writer remains formal in the expository style. The reason behind this is only that there is no attempt of propaganda involved in the latter style.

Sometimes, persuasive writing style demands the writer to play with words and presents half-truths whereas this is nonexistent in the expository style as it just distributes the information. Similarly, persuasive writing style has inspirational language and there is call for action at the end. On the other hand, expository writing style is a bit cold and dull as it just confines itself to informative essays.


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    Expository Writing:

    Expository writing style aims to equip the reader with the relevant information. An expository essay is basically an informative article which discusses every aspect of the topic. One does not need to be artistic in this style of writing as the writer simply mentions the cause and effect of anything and leaves the choice to the reader. Business report is the prime example of this style as you just highlight the positive and negative points of something and give an unbiased opinion. There also sub categories of this writing style. The first one is called technical writing while the other one is known as research writing.

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    Persuasive Writing:

    Persuasive essay is more like a publicity article as the writer tries to sway the reader’s opinion. Advertisement is the prime example of this writing style as you support your point of view and try to influence the target audience.

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