Difference between Longbow and Recurve Bow

Longbow and Recurve bow are two famous types of bows which are used in archery competitions and also for hunting. There are many similarities between Longbow and Recurve bow that lead people to think that these bows are the same. However, these are two completely different types of bows which are used for different purposes. With a close observation of the design, structure and size of Longbow and Recurve bow, you will find many aspects that differentiate these bows.

Longbow has a long history as it has its origin in the old ages or since the beginning of mankind but the Recurve bow was introduced about 2000 years ago. Longbow can be easily identified because its design resembles to the English letter D while a Recurve bow has its both ends curved inwards that make it completely different from Longbow. Recurve bow is easy to handle because its length is shorter as compared to Longbow which is long and also requires good skills to handle while shooting arrows. Recurve bow is considered as the more powerful archery weapon because its curved ends produces more velocity as compared to the Longbow. Recurve bow can be used at Olympic Games while the Longbow is now allowed in the archery competitions at the Games.


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    Longbow is a D-shaped archery weapon that is widely used all over the world usually for hunting purpose. It is generally made of a thin wood straw by binding it’s both ends with a string. This archery weapon has its history from the early days of mankind when humans used to prepare Longbow for hunting animals to satisfy their food requirements. Longbows are still used in different parts of the world but these bows are not allowed in archery competitions.

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    Recurve bow:

    Recurve bow was invented almost 2000 years ago and it has now become one of the most common archery weapons because it has gained recognition at Olympic Games. Recurve bow has limbs which are turned or curved inwards that provide more velocity and brings better results to the archer. Recently, at Olympic Games, archers from all over the globe participate in archery competitions to display their skills by using Recurve bow.

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