Difference between Bar Graph and Histogram

Data comes in all forms and shapes that is an important component for understanding issues when making decisions. Any decision that is made in complete absence of data is most likely going to be incorrect as it can never be made on the basis of ground realities.

In order to make data useful and readable, it is generally represented through various graphs and charts. It is easier to understand the data this way and often the term information is used for data that is in a processed form.

When it comes to graphical data representation, bar graphs and histograms are two terms that most people come across in some point in time. Both are apparently the same but in reality there are certain differences between the two that make them quite unique.

The first difference is that a bar graph is used to show the comparison between discrete elements. On the other hand, a histogram shows a visual representation of continuous, non-discrete elements. The bars in a bar graph are constructed in such a manner that they do not come in contact with each other at any point.

In histograms, the various bars do not have any distance between them as they are all attached with each other.
The items in a bar graph are individual entities that are plotted whereas in the case of a histogram, the items are grouped in the shape of ranges rather than individual entities. These ranges allow for a much more accurate visual representation of large amounts of data or information.

Histogram is suggested to be a graph that is more specific and pertinent for the purpose of presentations in comparison with a bar graph.


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    Bar Graph

    A bar graph is a tool used to organise data for various decision making purposes. The data that is used in bar graphs is discrete in nature. It is a representation of frequency and therefore, the larger the frequency, the higher the bar graph. This type of graph provides an accurate visual representation of various data to make it easier to understand.

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    A histogram is a kind of bar graph that shows numbers that are represented by groups. It gives a great look into the variation in frequency and is a pertinent tool for decision making. The graph is based on bars that represent various numbers. Many companies use histograms to get a visual understanding of large amounts of data.

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