Difference Between Urban and Rural Communities

It is human nature to live in communities rather than living alone. Every community has its own needs and requirements and their own ways of spending their lives. Generally these are classified into two types.

These are urban and rural. The difference is quite simple between the two, rural pertain to villages whereas urban pertains to cities or areas that are classified as urban.

There are some very clear differences between the two. To start off, the population in the rural communities is sparse and the communities are generally small in nature. The population in an urban community is quite dense and the population is fairly concentrated.

In rural areas, the main source of income is farming and related professions. In urban areas, the sources of income are diverse and there are many options for the residents of an urban community to take advantage of.

The level of pollution is very low in rural communities due to the low population and fewer vehicles being used. An urban community faces a lot of challenges when it comes to the pollution since there are not only a lot of vehicles but also a lot of other factors that can mess up the environment.

The level of development is often not very high in a rural community and there are improvements that are needed. The urban communities have a lot more facilities and development in the area and often more work is being done all the time.

The lifestyles are also quite different and people in rural areas keep it quite simple and close to nature. They generally prefer style to substance when it comes to fashion. The people in the urban areas can be, at times, overly conscious about the latest fashion trends and may well be willing to let go of all substance for style.


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    Rural Community

    The criteria for this varies in all countries but rural is generally a place where the main source of work is farming. In developed countries, there are plenty of facilities that are available in rural areas as well but often the areas are somewhat remote geographically.

    The people of the community are more often than not warm to guests.

    - Image Courtesy: wcif.org

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    Urban Community

    There are several definitions of urban area that are available but generally there is a minimum level of development and population that is required to qualify. The people may be from the same area or have migrated from other areas.

    The type of people in each area will vary and often individual attitudes will be depending on that given person.

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