Difference between Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8

Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8: Everybody who has a smartphone, is familiar with Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8, powered respectively by Google and Microsoft. These two operating systems are being used by plenty of mobile manufacturing companies. Mindset of the consumers has changed dramatically during the recent years. Gone are the days when people used to buy mobile phones by the name of the manufacturer.

For example, not many folks now ask the shopkeeper to show different models of Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony Ericson. Instead, it has been observed that the consumers now categorise different devices by their operating systems, such as Android-supported mobiles and Windows-powered devices.  The main function of these two systems is to run the mobile device, but there are several basic differences between them.


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    One of the biggest differences is that Android 4.2 supports widgets, while Windows Phone 8 offers applications in the form of tiles.

    Android is considered to be graphically stronger than Windows 8. It means that the latter one is ideal for those who are more interested in desktop-like functionality. Although the latest version of Android has hardly any glitches as compared to Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, Windows Phone 8 nevertheless is considered to be more stable operating system.

    Another difference is the number of applications these two systems run at a time. Android 4.2 allows its users to interact with two or more apps simultaneously, but in Windows Phone 8, one can see just one application at a time. However, it is possible to run more than a few apps in the background. Windows Phone 8 is not made for those who like to take snapshots. Unlike Android, it does not support this feature.

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    Android 4.2

    It is one of the latest releases by Android – an operating system powered by Google. This version is also called Jelly Beans. It is an actually an update of Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread. The devices which run Android 4.2 are pretty famous in the market, posing a major challenge to Apple.


    Android, very fast
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    Windows Phone 8

    The release of Windows Phone 8 has brought Microsoft among the leaders in the mobile market. The earlier versions of Windows were considered to be really boring. But with several fascinating features, Windows Phone 8 has made a massive impact. Nokia Lumia is one of the popular Windows 8 devices.


    Windows Phone 8, more excitment

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