What is a Tea Towel Used For

A cup of coffee, a bucket that tipped over and the lotion jar that fell to the floor and burst open. We all have those moments. Some of us do it occasionally while others are pro at it. What come to our aid in such desperate and miserable times are the paper tissues and tea towels. To many of us, such moments come several time a day and leave us wondering ‘what will we do without the tea towel’. It is a such a genius invention and can be used in any room of the house.


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    The most natural and wide use is as a wipe. They can be used to wipe anything spilled over especially on the counters. The good thing about them is that they can easily be washed off the stains. You can also use the linen tea towels to clean any silver items around  the house, including your jewelry. Nothing polishes silver jewelry as good as a dry and clean tea towel. No wonder they have a presence in nearly every house on the planet!

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    Tea towels are used to clean dry glasses, dishes and mugs after washing them. Make sure that the towel is totally clean itself before you clean anything else with it. Else you will end up with the opposite results.

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    Since tea towels are so useful and convenient, you can grab a colorful bunch of them and gift them to someone close as a house warming gift or even without any occasion. They make the most convenient of guests. Bundle up a colorful lot of them and tie with a ribbon to make the perfect gift. If you get attracted to a colorful design yourself, you can hang it in the kitchen even as part of the decoration. They come in vivid colors and interesting kitchen related themes.

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    While serving tea, spread a tea towel across your lap and hand over to others too. This will prevent your clothes from any spills and will also catch the crumps of anything you eat so that they do not fall on the ground. Small tea towels can easily replace napkins. You can also use a tea towel as a spread on serving tray to add convenience, color and of course to keep it dry.

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