Difference between Cardigan and Pembroke

Cardigan and Pembroke are two different breeds of dogs that belong to the category of Welsh corgi. People who want to have loyal and friendly pets always like to keep Cardigan and Pembroke at their home and farm house because these dogs enjoy living in family and serve as watchdogs. However, there are just a few people who know that both of these breeds belong to Welsh corgi category. It is important for you to know the differences between Cardigan and Pembroke before buying any of them. Though both breeds are friendly and loyal to their owners but there are many aspects that make these dogs distinguished from each other.

The origin of Cardigan is in Mid-Wales whereas Pembroke has been originated in the Pembrokeshire, situated in Southwest Wales. Physically, Cardigan is a little taller and also possesses slightly more weight as compared to Pembroke. Cardigans can be identified easily because they have a longer tail as compared to docked and short tail of Pembroke. Cardigans come in different colours that go more up to ten in number while Pembroke are available in just five colours. However, Cardigans are usually considered less intelligent as compared to Pembrokes that are quick learners. Usually Cardigans do not like strangers and become uncomfortable in their presence while Pembrokes do not mind the presence of strangers as these dogs are very sociable and friendly.


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    Cardigan is a breed of Welsh corgi category which is generally considered among the oldest originated breeds in Wales. Cardigans have short legs and the average height of these dogs is about 30 centimetres. The body of Cardigans is considerably large that becomes more prominent because of the short legs. The average weight of Cardigans is between 14 to 18 kilograms in males and 12 to 16 kilograms in females. The tail of Cardigans is quite long that touches the ground. Cardigan has red, brindle and sable coloured shades on its coat. Their loyalty has made them best pets for any family.

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    Pembroke breed belongs to the category of Welsh corgi and is very famous because of its extraordinary intelligence and loyalty. The average height of Pembroke is 28 centimetres and its average weight is between 12 to 14 kilograms in males and 10 to 12 kilograms in females. The Pembrokes are very useful dogs that help in herding poultry and dairy farms. They usually come in three colours including white, sable and red. Two more colours are available in Pembroke that include red-headed and black headed. They are quick learners and love to stay around their owners.

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