Difference between middle Ages and Renaissance

Both middle ages and Renaissance are two very important periods in the European cultures and they have a significant impact on English literature as well. The Middles Ages are generally considered as the period between the 5th and 14th centuries which Renaissance, which is also known as revival of learning or rebirth, is a period that covers the period between 14th to 16th centuries. Middle Ages and Renaissance are different from each other in almost all aspects including the development of education, infrastructure, art, culture and social reforms. Keep reading this article to learn more about Middle Ages and Renaissance.


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    Middle Ages:

    The Middle Ages is a period that is comprised on almost ten decades from the 5th century to the start of 12th century. In Middle Ages, the domination of the Church was at its peak and its influence over people was extremely strong. However, this domination of Church also brought many vices in which the officials of Church started to misuse their power and it eventually became the downfall of Middle Ages. Gothic style of architecture was the most important element that is associated with Middle Ages. The stonework and woodwork was the main elements of construction in Middle Ages. Latin and Greek were the most used languages in Middle Ages and all major works of different leading writers were in these two languages.

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    Renaissance Period:

    Renaissance, a period of two centuries from 14th to 16th A.D, was marked as the period of revival of learning. It is a bridge between Middle Ages and Modern Age as it showed new horizons of progress to people and laid the foundation of scientific development in Europe. Printing press was the most important progress that was started in Renaissance period and now media is being considered as the fourth pillar of the state. In Renaissance, the humanism was the most prevalent feature of art in which people are given the chance to make certain reforms. English language got importance in this period and English literature started to get popularity over Latin and Greek literature. However, the role of the Church was not much prevalent in this period as people started to raise logical questions on the religious beliefs.

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