Difference Between Sweater and Sweatshirt

Man has developed several fashion trends and clothing techniques to make himself look good. Gone are the days when people used to wear just a couple of shawls to stay warm during winter. Things have changed completely now. The current purpose of clothes is dual – to protect the body from the weather, and to make the wearer look good at the same time.

Many stylish garments have been developed over time, two of which are sweaters and sweatshirts. While their names might lead people to think that they are somewhat similar, they are in fact two different garments entirely.

A sweater is used only in winter, while sweatshirts are worn in all seasons except summer. Sweaters have been in use for decades, while sweatshirts are relatively new. Sweaters are generally considered a part of formal dressing, whereas the other is more of a casual garment. The purpose of both, however, is to keep the body warm.

Usually, a sweater is described as a sleeveless jersey. Its main purpose is to protect the body in low temperatures. A sweatshirt, on the other hand, not only keeps the body warm, but also absorbs sweat. There are no hard and fast rules, but sweaters are normally worn over a shirt, while a sweatshirt does not need the support of any other garment, as it completely covers the upper body on its own. One can, however, wear a jacket over the sweatshirt. Unlike sweaters, the traditional sweatshirt is not open from the front; however, certain varieties are available with zippers these days. Sweatshirts come in different casual styles, e.g. hooded ones. Sweaters, on the other hand, usually have formal patterns, like diamonds, and V neck collars.


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    If you are a youngster, you might not be into sweaters too much. However, sweaters are very popular among seniors. It is like a shirt made of wool or other types of warm fabric. Sweaters are mostly used for formal events. They come in different patterns and styles, like front open, V neck, and round neck. In old times, sweaters were mostly V-necked, but with time they have evolved. Mostly, they are sleeveless, but a woollen jersey can also be called as a sweater.

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    Unlike sweaters, a sweatshirt is usually made of cotton hosiery material. It can be worn in any season except summer, but people mostly use this garment in winter. Sweatshirts are particularly popular among youngsters. Besides keeping the body warm, these shirts absorb sweat. Therefore, it is an ideal garment for sportsmen.

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