Difference between Red Bull and Monster

Although both Red Bull and Monster are quality energy drinks, there are a few differences between the two energy drink brands. One of the visible differences is the size of the can. The can of Monster energy drink is larger than Red Bull’s can. Quantity of each can of Monster energy drink is 16oz whereas the quantity of a can of Red Bull is 8.3oz. Irrespective of the difference in size, price of a can of both these brands is same. This means that for the same amount of money, the quantity of energy drink you get would be more if you choose Monster over Red Bull.

Taste is another differentiating factor between Monster and Red Bull. The taste of Monster is sweeter than that of Red Bull. The reason for the difference in taste is higher sugar content in Monster as compare to Red Bull. Quantity of sugar in a can of Monster is 27 g whereas in a can of Red Bull, it is 25.7 g.

Red Bull’s country of origin is Austria whereas Monster was first launched in the US. Furthermore, Red Bull was launched a long time before Monster. 1987 marked the launch of Red Bull whereas Monster was launched almost 15 years later in 2002.

There are only two main products of Red Bull in terms of flavours; Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Cola. There is a third product as well but that is specifically manufactured for diabetic people. On the other hand, there are a number of flavours in which Monster is manufactured. These include original, Ripper, Lo-Carb, Mixed, Hit man, Assault and Java.

In terms of calories in one can, Red Bull dominates Monster. The number of calories in a can of Red Bull is 100 whereas a can of Monster contains a total of 100 calories. In simple words, the calories difference makes Red Bull more energetic than its competitor.


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    Red Bull:

    Red Bull can be ranked as the best energy drink in the world. It was Red Bull was manufactured by an Austrian company named Red Bull GmbH. The same company still holds the rights to Red Bull energy drink.

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    Monster was launched by Hansen Natural. Under the Monster umbrella, there are a total of 27 different drinks which vary in flavour and nature. Some are energy drinks while others are soft drinks.

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