Difference Between Calories and Fat

Sadly, when most people try and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they often seem to confuse the fact that there is a major difference between calories and fats. Considering them to be the same thing, people tend to consider the number of calories burned by them to be all fat and thus, resulting in miraculous weight loss. Without proper knowledge, such people tend to get frustrated with the process when they fail to differentiate the two and ultimately do not see the desired results despite an intense exercise regime which would usually have them better suited for the army than anything else.


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    Whatever we eat and drink, besides natural water, contains calories. A calorie is a unit of energy and is used to determine whether we are getting enough energy to continue working throughout the day, or are we starving and forcing our body to eat through the muscle to survive. Like having too much of anything is bad, the same goes for calories as well, but this balance is different for different people based on their lifestyle.

    Athletes usually require much more calories in their daily diets than people working in an office would due to the burning of calories factor. Taking in more calories than you are able to burn off in a day results in the body storing those excess calories as fat, which it is naturally wired to do instead of wasting. This results in the build up of excess fat, but that is different from the fat that we intake through food. The fat that is stored by eating too many calories is only burned off when you begin to shed more calories on a daily basis than you are taking in, forcing the body to start eating away at the stored fat.

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    In order to survive and stay healthy, everybody needs carbohydrates, vitamin, minerals, protein, water and fats to survive. These six nutrients are essential to maintaining life as we know it and a lack in any department ultimately results in further complication, diseases and in some extreme cases, even death.

    Fat is also found in almost all sorts of food items that humans eat, and the fat found in those items is measured in grams. Each gram of fat consists of 9 calories, which is an easier way of thinking about it. There is also good and bad fat. The good type is found in all natural products like fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats while the bad one is in the form of processed food like chips, cookies and a lot more of the things we focus on eating nowadays.

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