How to Prepare for a College Course

Preparing for college course requires planning before actual preparation. It is better to start well before the course starts and continue the process in the same spirit until final exam finishes. Also, do not just rely on the recommended course books but search and read additional material, right from start of the course. Exploring information around the course can lead you to a thorough preparation and you can have deep knowledge on the subject, which can thus equip you with information to answer all questions in the assignments or during the final exam papers.


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    Plan about the course well before it starts and gather the relevant material from the beginning. Do not leave the matter until start of the course, as sometimes it makes difficult for you to catch up on with the course materials especially if you are not following your lectures on a regular basis.

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    Gather relevant material, and even read some additional books in addition to the material that has been recommended you by the teacher. It is helpful to read extra books and gather knowledge through other resources before start of the exam.

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    Take notes of your all lecturers and follow them on a regular basis. If you do not follow your lectures, this will leave you behind in the preparation of the course, and you might find it very difficult to cover the entire course at the end. Being attentive to your lectures is always helpful and you can then build the knowledge on your lecturer's notes.

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    If you are unable to decide about the additional course material, ask your lecturer to help you in recommending some additional writers' work. You should read them all while preparing your assignments and final exam papers. You can discuss the questions that you have on your mind after you read the course material with your lecturer and find their answers before the final exam.

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    Although writing assignments helps you to gain and build on the knowledge you gain, it is better for you to practise while writing the lecturers. Writing is a better way for learning about your course than reading. It helps you memorize and remember things in the longer run.

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    Once your classes are over and you are nearing the final exams, try to allocate additional time for the preparation. However, you should not overload yourself with the work. Also, do not make it your tension, just read and write as much as you can, while limiting yourself in other activities such as outings.

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    Just relax before the exam and eat, drink and sleep properly. Taking too much tension can stress you out and it might work in negative way for you and you might start forgetting about things you have learnt during the preparation of the exam. Also, try to give some time to a sport activity that you like the most. This will help you keep fresh and your mind can stay focused at the time of the exams.

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