How to Have a Winning Project at a Science Fair

Science fairs provide youngsters the perfect opportunity to dabble with experimentation and come up with unique ideas to demonstrate any of the scientific principles they have learnt. While the purpose of the fair is to promote creativity and provide a fun activity to students; every participant wants to win the competition. If you are selecting a project for an upcoming science fair, you can follow a few steps to increase your chances of winning.


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    Project relevancy

    Select a project which is relevant to the problems faced by the world today. Focusing on issues such as global warming, environmental economics, market and government failures will have general acceptance rather than choosing an unpopular subject. However, the final choice will be your own so make sure to select a topic on which you have considerable knowledge and grip.

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    You may feel that you have plenty of understanding about a particular subject but it is always advisable that you look for as much information as possible. Ask your teachers for help and read books or search the net to polish up your knowledge.

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    Gather the necessary tools

    You need to list the materials required for your project. You might have some easily available, but if you don’t, shop around and buy them. You will need to demonstrate it in front of the judges (teachers), so make sure that you have carried out the experiment on your own first.

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    Gather information and make an estimation

    Take notes of all the steps and record the duration of the experiment. Most teachers are interested in the outcome where you will need to make certain estimations and predictions about the project.  What are the affects of oil spill or global warning in the near future? Your conclusion should  not be vague and must have certain suggestions at the end.

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    Now prepare for the science fair. You will need to give an extensive presentation about your project before showing a practical demonstration. Practice how you will present the project. There will be a specific time allotted to you, so must ensure that you explain everything during that time span.

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    Big Day

    At the science fair, the students will be presenting their work differently. Some will be using slide shows, while others will be using tables and charts to present data. You will be obviously asked questions by the judges so you must be confident about your project.

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