What Is Renal Failure And How Is It Treated

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in our bodies as they are responsible for removing waste from the blood. Renal or kidney failure is a very serious issue which can of course be life threatening. Keeping a constant check on the functioning of your kidneys is very important for your doctor to get a better understanding of how well your kidneys are working. Treating renal failure is done by your doctor after evaluating your condition. There are different ways for treating renal failure which can help get the kidneys functioning again.


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    It is very important that you do as much research as possible on the subject of renal or kidney failure. You can look through books, journals and various websites to get a clear picture of all the complications, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment that is used for renal failure.

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    Visit your doctor:

    Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you feel that you are having any issues with your kidneys.

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    There are different causes for renal failure which include damage to the kidneys from poisons or medications like over the counter pain killers, antibiotics and those used in blood pressure treatments. Another cause for renal failure can be from infections which reduce the amount of blood going to the kidneys. There can also be tumours or kidney stones which can be the cause of renal failure.

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    There are a few symptoms of renal failure which include pain in the lower back, vomiting or nausea, very little urine when going to the bathroom, swelling in the feet and legs and restlessness.

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    Different urine or blood tests can help identify any problem with your kidneys. These tests include checking your potassium, sodium and calcium levels. An ultrasound can also be used to diagnose renal failure by your doctor.

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    If you are diagnosed with renal failure then you will have to see a nephrologist immediately. He or she will be able to treat your condition by stopping your medications and looking for ways to increase the amount of blood flowing to your kidneys. However, in order to eliminate wastes from the body your doctor will most probably put on dialysis. This is basically a machine that acts like kidney to help filter out all the waste until your kidneys are functioning. Doctors will also treat your renal failure with medication and changing your diet plan. If your level of renal failure is very serious then you can expect to be in the hospital under close supervision while getting any sort of treatment.

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