What Is a Welfare State System

A welfare state system is an idea of a government, in which the protection and promotion of the social and economic well-being of the citizens is considered and ensured. In the ancient times, the concept of a government came into being in order to ensure law and order in a society and avoid a state of anarchy. As the human civilization evolved with the passage of time, a number of governments started working for the welfare its people.

A number of historians and researchers credit Islam for the concept of a welfare state system as the ‘state of Madina’, headed by Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) and then the Pious Caliphs, introduced various revolutionary ideas and implemented them for the betterment of the masses – something which eventually became the role model for modern social security system.


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    Law & order

    In a welfare state system, law and order is the first and foremost priority of a government. It is the primary job of a government to protect the life and property of its citizens. If a government fails to do so, it loses the moral authority to rule a state. In order to maintain a smooth law and order situation, government uses police and other investigative agencies.

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    It is the job of a government in a welfare state system to provide speedy justice and human rights to all the citizens without any kind of discrimination. It is important to have different tiers of judiciary, starting from the grass-root level to the supreme court of any country. Individuals, who are not able to hire professional lawyers, are provided this facility by the state.

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    Having basic health units in each and every corner of a state is an important duty of a welfare based government. Medicines and medical treatments are supposed to be of the highest quality and absolutely free.

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    In a welfare state system, government takes responsibility of each and every child and makes sure that they get free education in a system which is uniform and does not discriminate between the rich and the poor.

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    Employment opportunities

    Governments have to make such policies that people receive employment opportunities, which can help them meet their day to day expenses.

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    Helping the people in crises

    An individual can suffer from any kind of a crisis in his/her life at any stage. Therefore, a welfare state system comes up with different social security plans like child support system, old-age benefits, unemployment checks etc.

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