Difference Between Textile and Fabric

Although there are numerous similarities between fabric and textile, there are also a few key differences between these two terms. Both fabric and textile are used to make clothing materials depending on the user’s needs and requirements. Depending on the weather conditions, we may choose to wear wool or cotton fabrics. Use of woolen fabric is common during the winter season whereas cotton fabric is worn during the summer. Use of umbrellas and raincoats, made of fine fabric, are required to be used on a rainy day. Different fabric types give a different feel.

Textile essentially has the same meaning as fabric the only difference being that textile comes from a Latin word which means weave. Read on to learn the differences between the fabric and textile.

Fabric is essentially made from fibres. This term is commonly used when discussing the quality, thickness, texture and design of clothing material. Hence, there is fabric for shirting and upholstery. You can find a variety of fabric designs, sizes and textures in the clothing market but you should choose the one that best suits your needs. It is recommended to do your research up front to make sure you purchase the right type of fabric. Dress material is another terms that is used commonly these days when you discuss textiles or fabric.

Dress material provides information about different qualities of same fabric available in the market. Learning how to differentiate between different fabrics can save you some valuable time and money. Furthermore, the word fabric has deep connections with the fabric of society and fabricated products.

However, the word fabric is mainly used to refer to clothing material or dresses in most parts of the world. Textile is also produced using the same industrial techniques such as weaving, knitting and crocheting. Sometimes fabrics are processed at high temperatures to achieve certain textile textures and designs.


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    As discussed before fabric is a clothing material that may be thin or thick depending on weather conditions. Products that are made using techniques such as crocheting, knitting and weaving are fabrics.

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    Textile on the other hand is a Latin Word which refers to the act of weaving. The word textile was used to refer to a woven fabric a long time ago. However, recently people have started to equate it with clothing material as well.

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