Difference between Irish wolfhound And Scottish Deerhound

Irish wolfhound and Scottish deerhound have a few differences.

Major difference between the two dogs is height. Irish wolfhound is taller than Scottish deerhound. Wolfhound is bulkier and had a larger head than Scottish deerhound, which looks a bit like rough-coated Greyhound shaggy skin.


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    Irish wolfhound

    The Irish wolfhound is one of the recognized dog breeds from Ireland. Irish wolfhound is loving and loyal dog. This huge dog loves human company and likes to be tamed.

    Despite its amazing size and fearsome looks, Irish wolfhound has a harmless character and is very nice with children.

    There are some downsides with Irish wolfhound as well, as it needs a lot of space and takes a lot of time adjust in city life. People in rural areas in Europe, especially Ireland, keep Irish wolfhound, while it is not that popular in cities.

    The power of Irish wolfhound draws a lot of attention, especially during growth, it can continue to grow until it is 15 months old. It matures quickly and usually dies at age 3-4 years.

    Because of the big size, it needs a lot of food and suitable environment to reach adulthood. But what is required the most for it to flourish is basic obedience. It is essential to teach the reminder, sitting and lying down. It can quickly learn how to walk on a leash without pulling unnecessarily.

    Like any friendly dog breed, Irish wolfhound can be friends with other pets. If you have a cat, Irish wolfhound can make a better and friendly pet pair.

    The dog is a very effective and a dissuasive guard. If it is given strong education, it can work as full-time guard at your home, factory. The dog is said to be a valuable asset for police department in some countries. Although Irish wolfhound is a type of greyhound and therefore is a hunting dog, it is used mainly for pleasure and fun. It is ideal for those who do not want to bend to kiss their four-legged friend as it is sufficiently big.

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    Scottish deerhound

    The Deerhound is one of the recognized Scottish and British breed. The Deerhound was mainly used to hunt deer and was bred in Scotland. Scottish people used to call it a companion dog, which later turned into Scottish deerhound.

    Image courtesy: puppydogweb.com

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