Difference Between Glossy and Matte Screen

Choosing an appropriate screen could be very tricky, especially when you are not aware of the differences between the available types.

It is extremely important to understand the pros and cons of each screen type before investing your money. Thorough knowledge will help you select the best screen according to your requirements.

Both, Matte and Glossy screens have unique features. The key difference between these two screen types is glare. Glossy screens are more shiny, and you are likely to see a reflection of the surroundings, especially when the screen is dark.

Another difference between matte and glossy screen is the appearance of colours. The colours on a glossy screen at times appear less true. A glossy screen is relatively inexpensive, as it is made of natural shiny material. Since it is more prone, the user can easily see it from any angle. On the other hand, a matte screen can be viewed at a certain angle, because it is polarized.

With better contrast and shine, the glossy screens are sharper than the matte ones. This feature helps the user differentiate one colour from another. In glossy screens, the light coming out passes through the shiny, flat surface without any disturbance.

On the other hand, the matte or ‘anti-glare’ screen disturbs the light, but it does not allow the reflection of surroundings to affect the image. Unlike a glossy screen, the matte one obscures the sharp colours by absorbing some light. As a result, the high-resolution displays usually look a little blurry.


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    Glossy Screen

    A glossy screen is a flat shiny surface that provides the user great picture quality as well as the highest levels of contrast. It produces vibrant colours, and makes the display more crisp and bright.

    However, an individual can find it difficult to focus on a glossy screen for a long time. Such screens can make viewing tiresome, and can have a negative effect on the eyesight.

    Image Courtesy: rakuten.com

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    Matte Screen

    A polarized coating in the Matte screen cuts down on glare. Since these screens reduce sharpness, they are also termed as ‘anti-glare’ screens.

    Even the bright colours may look dull on a matte screen, and this is perhaps the only disadvantage it has. The image may look unclear on a matte screen, but it is not dangerous for the eyesight.

    Image Courtesy: avsforum.com

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