Difference Between iPad and Android Table

Tablets have gone on to revolutionize the computing world in recent years. They came in with a bang and took over everything, making a tablet a must have product for just about everyone out there.

Apple went on to introduce the first mainstream tablet, with the iPad as they went on to make it jump into the hearts of people over night. It became so popular that other companies went on to decide to copy the idea of making tablets and started to follow in the footsteps of Apple.

Soon after Android tablets were introduced into the market as well, which saw the competition between the two soar and become rather apparent. However, despite the two seemingly being very similar, there are actually quite a few differences between the two.


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    The iPad is an Apple product. This means that it is made by Apple and Apple alone. What makes the product so unique, is the fact that no one else can reproduce it. The tablet is produced by Apple and it runs iOS on it. This software is exclusive to the Apple tablet, and once again adds to the overall unique features of the iPad.

    Apple tends to launch a new iPad every couple of months, as they look to update and refresh the product with new features.

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    Android Tablet

    The Android tablets are tablets that can be made by just about anyone. They are made on the basis that they will have the android software on them, and this is what they will be sold upon.

    A wide array of companies actually sell Android tablets, and most of the time, these companies aren’t even interconnected. However, due to the popularity of the tablet, these android based tablets have started to become quite successful.

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    The first major difference is the fact that the iPad runs on only the iOS software, while the other tablets run on the Android software. This by many is regarded to be the major difference between the two and is often the reason why people opt to buy one of the two.

    The iPad doesn’t support flash, which is a rather common software the most online movies require you to use. While the Android tablet does use it.

    The iPad is designed for multitasking and has a very good display unit, however only some apps actually utilize this. The Android tablet lets you multitask and do as you please.

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