Difference Between Style and Fashion

We often tend to discuss the different fashion sense or the sense of style of various people.  Fashion and style are two words used a lot by all of us. They are often used interchangeably. Conversations in vogue, ramp walks and apparel industry revolve around these words. As the number of fashion events has risen dramatically, so has the use of these words by the common man. But are these words really interchangeable? Are they synonyms?

If you are following the latest trend in town, then you are considered fashionable. We convince ourselves that what others are doing is the latest thing and looks cool so we should also adopt it. We also want to be labeled as fashionable. If you want to be called that, then you must adopt every new trend that is in town. This can be rather difficult as you have to change your wardrobe accordingly. Fashion is said to be the guidance from which people create their personal style. You have to twist the latest fashion and incorporate it in your wardrobe so that it goes with your over all personality and you become a stylish person. This can be difficult in the beginning but after some practice you will be setting your own trends being stylish.

Fashion is about clothes and the accessories you wear but style is not solely dependent on clothes. Any one piece can make you look stylish. Depending on what you like it can be a simple accessory. It is personalized and doesn’t involve adaptation to the public. Some people say that it is an extension of fashion. You could incorporate the current trends the way you want and look stylish. Many of us look great and are fashionable as we follow the latest trend but we are not stylish. You can be stylish and not fashionable but that’s not wrong. It just means you make your own style statement. If you think that the present trend doesn’t suit your figure or your personality, then it is better not to adopt it.


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    Fashion is said to be cyclical in nature and tends to remain in vogue for a particular period of time. It is usually displaced when another trend comes up.

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    Style on the other hand is said to be more stable and timeless. It is your own aesthetic sense and the way you carry yourself. It is not guided by the changing trends in the industry.

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