Difference Between Casserole and Hot Dish

Both the Casserole and Hot Dish are one of the famous and delicious dishes in the culinary world. These cuisines are especially dished up in the family reunions or get-togethers and are preferred with beer and alcohol. There are many cooking enthusiast who argue casserole to be similar as hot dish as both of them are baked and contain more or less same ingredients. However, both of them are unique from one another in many ways.


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    All About Casserole

    Casserole, dates back in the 18th century, is a main baked dish that is finely cooked and then dished up in a traditional vessel known as casserole pan, from where it took its name. The original casserole recipe is a perfect mixture of starches, soups, proteins and crunchy crust. This dish particularly contains lighter meat like fish (tuna) and chicken. It is always cooked uncovered.  Enchilada Casserole, Artichoke Casserole, Baked Penne Casserole, Creamy Burrito Casserole, Hot Chicken Salad Casserole and Green Bean Casserole are some of the famous variations of Casserole.

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    All About Hot Dish

    Hot Dish is basically casserole dish’s latest variation. Although it is famous all over the world, but it is well liked in the Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Like hot dish, it is a yummy, complete and packed meal in itself. Moreover, hot dish is also cooked uncovered and consists of crust base, proteins, soups and starches. However, it never uses rice base and use potato base instead of it. Cream of mushrooms is used as a binder in the making of hot dish. Tater-Tot Hot Dish is a famous type of hot dish.

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    One-to-one Comparison of Casserole and Hot Dish

    The given below one-to-one comparison of Casserole and Hot Dish will make is easier for you to differentiate between them:

    - Casserole is made up of rice base (crust) while Hot Dish contains potato base.

    - Casseroles are usually found to be light dish with a thin soup-based texture while hot dishes are frequently thick and heavy.

    - Casseroles usually make use of light meat like chicken and fish as a source of protein whereas hot dishes make use of full packed meats like pork and ground beef etc.

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