Difference between Kajal and Eyeliner

Eyes are the most attractive feature on a face. They are further enhanced by applying different types of makeup products. To define their eyes, ladies put on kajal and eyeliners to make their eyes stand out. Both these products are important part of eye makeup used by women to make them look glamorous. As they have similar functions, they are sometimes thought of as being the same. However, there are differences between kajal and eyeliner.

Kajal was used in various parts of the world in earlier times and it is an Indian name for kohl as it contains lead sulphide. In the past its purpose was to darken the eyes and to make the eyelashes blacker than they really are. It is available in various forms like liquid, powder or sometimes as a pencil. People also apply it inside the eyes as it is thought to have a cooling effect. It is also said that kajal can protect from multiple eye diseases and help increase your vision.

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    Indians believe that kajal provides protection from the evil eye and apply a dot of it to a newborns forehead. It is a major part of makeup essentials for women in India. First it was only available in boxes and had to be applied with a match stick but the presence of kajal pencils and sticks has brought convenience.

    Kajal can also be produced at home by mixing ghee with soot of an oil lamp. It can also be applied using finger tips. As the product is not harmful, it can easily be applied to the rim of the eye.

    The eyes are made more attractive by the use of eyeliners. Women use this to attract attention to their eyes. Many people who have small eyes use them to give a dramatic effect. It can be applied as a thin or thick outline depending on the makeup you are doing. Some eyeliners are in liquid form and they are applied using brushes. Others are available in a tube or pencil form. Besides black, they are also available in blue, brown, purple and various dark shades of green. Eyeliner is an essential part of evening makeup.

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    It is a product used by women to line the eyes and enhance them further.

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    It is a makeup product produced by many brands which lines the eye lids and helps define them.


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