Difference between Lager and Pilsner

Beer is an extremely popular drink and is consumed by many people around the world. The drink is made through a process known as brewing. Beer can be classified into different types but the two main types include lager and ale.

The difference between Lager and Pilsner is that the former is a type of beer whereas Pilsner is a popular lager brand which was founded in Czech Republic.

Lager is a German word that means storing as the beer needs to be refrigerated for a considerable period before brewing. On the other hand, Pilsner is a brand that was named after a city in Czech Republic. Lager can be called the most popular type of beer in the world whereas Pilsner can be called the most popular lager in the world. Pilsner beer is made by the bottom fermenting of yeasts in the brewing process. This is a relatively slow process and takes a lot of time.


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    ‘Lager’ is a German word which means to store. This refers to the time the beer takes to be made. Lager is one of the two types of beer, the other one being ale. It is the most popular type of beer in the world and is consumed by over 90% of the people who drink the beverage.

    Lager is made by bottom fermenting yeast and it takes months to be produced. The cycle of making lager is extremely long than the making of ale but due to its taste, it is the most common beer found in the world.

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    Pilsner is a type of lager which is very popular. This beer was first produced in the year 1842 in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. The brand slowly gained popularity in Europe and is now one of the most popular drinks in the region.

    The beer is made by the slow yeast fermentation at the bottom of the containers and is famous for its unique golden colour. The brand has three different versions.

    One is the Czech style, which is considered close to the original. The German style is popular among the Germans, French and English while the third style, considered to be the most popular, is known as the European style.

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