Difference Between Catholic and Jewish

Both Catholic and Jewish religions have some major distinctions between them, however, there are many similarities between them as well, as Christianity actually emerged from Judaism. However, the problem arose as the emergence was not a direct line and it had to break from Judaism, giving birth to a new religion, which created differences between the followers of Judaism and Christianity. The major and the most obvious difference between the followers of Catholic and Jewish religions is that the Catholics believe that Jesus was the son of God, while the Jews deny this possibility all together.

While both religions believe in the prophesy of a Messiah, who would come and save mankind, the difference here is that Catholics believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah mentioned in the Torah, who the Jews were waiting for. However, the Jews do not submit to this claim and believe that the Messiah has yet to arrive. Both are believers of the Old Testament, or Torah and hold the Holly land as sacred.


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    Catholics believe that Jesus was the son of God and are the followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a denomination of Christianity. They believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah mentioned in the Torah, who came to this world to save mankind from destruction. Catholics believe in the concept of Trinity (the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit). The Christian concept is that humans are good or bad by birth. In medieval times the Catholics persecuted the Jews for their different beliefs; however, things have changed and while the Catholic Church does not acknowledge the Jewish religion, it also does not denounce it either.

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    The Jewish religion, Judaism, came before Jesus Christ. The Jews are the followers of Torah and worship God according to the teachings of Mosses. They believe in one God and denounce Jesus Christ as the son of God.  Jews hold Jesus Christ as a wonderful teacher but not as the son of God. For them he was just a human and not God’s incarnation. According to them Jesus cannot save souls, and only God can. They also believe that Jesus did not rise from the dead.

    Jews also don’t believe that the Messiah promised in the Torah was Jesus Christ, or has arrived yet. The Jewish people believe in the oneness of God without any division in his powers, they also believe that people have the power to choose good over bad. Jews are the blessed people and believe that they are God’s favourite and reserve the right to rule.

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