Difference between Hard Disk and Hard Drive

No matter how advanced the computers become, the basic structure and components have and will always remain almost the same. Every computer needs a processor, RAM, BIOS, hard drive and mother board to function properly. And if any of these important components is missing or damaged, a machine cannot work at all.

Hard disk and hard drive are two of the most important parts of a computer. It is generally considered that hard disk and hard drive are the names of one thing, but there is actually a lot of different between them.

The biggest difference between these parts is their structure. A hard disk works through magnetic patterns just like a video tape. A hard drive, on the other hand, is the whole unit that may have more than one disk in it. It means that a hard disk is small part of the hard drive.

Both parts have different sizes, with hard drive having larger dimensions and weight. Another difference is how these two things work. A hard disk needs turning to run, which means that there is a built-in motor inside the hard drive that turns the hard disk. A hard drive, on the contrary, does not move itself.

A hard disk is the main storage space of the computer. A hard drive, on the other hand, is a combination of different things, such as hard disk, motor, and data reading head.


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    Hard Disk

    A hard disk is a physical disk that stores a large amount of data through magnetic patterns. It works just like an audio cassette or a video type. Despite being very small in size, it can carry a large amount of information. In most of the computers, many hard disks are joined together just like a like a multi storey car park.

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    Hard Drive

    A hard drive has a small head that reads the magnetic patterns on the disk. The head, however, does not touch the surface of the disk, but hovers a little above it. In case the head touches the face of disk, the end result would be devastating. If your drive is damaged, there are chances that you would recover the data, because the inside might still be functioning.

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