Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives and Liberals are groups of people who follow two different ideologies. The conservatives are focused on more orthodox or proven measures, and try to resist to any kind of innovation or change in social, economic or political culture. On the other hand, the liberals tend to focus on equality, liberty and justice, which serve as the basis for that ideology.


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    Conservatives follow a politico-social ideology that emphasizing on retaining important and traditional social institutions. Conservatives are also dubbed as Traditionalist at times.

    The followers of this political ideology believe in having smaller governments with less regulations being implemented. The Conservatives believe that the private sector should be allowed to compete in a free market with a check and balance being maintained by the government as an observer. They also insist that to ensure the welfare of the citizens of the state, the government should spend less and tax less. Cost cuts to balance the budget should be a priority of the government. Moreover, they also believe that provide incentives to high income earners.

    The traditionalists have orthodox views towards same-sex marriages and abortion. They support the idea to bear arms and are in favour of severe penalties for crimes committed such as the death penalty.

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    Liberals tend to follow a political philosophy that’s based on the ideas of equality, justice and liberty. This ideology is known as Liberalism, and has risen to prominence especially in the late 20th century.

    The liberals like to have more regulations in their political system, not to forget their demand for more state provided services. They highlight the importance of a free health care system for the citizens of the state, to be provided by the government. They also focus on providing more services to the less fortunate citizens of the state, who seem to struggle with securing even the most basic necessities for them. They support the idea for higher taxes if necessary by the state, because that’s the only they would be able to generate the much needed capital for spending on their people. Moreover, they also insist that the high-income earners should contribute more to in terms of taxes, so that the government can use it for the welfare of the state.

    As the concept of liberalism is based upon equality and liberty, therefore, the liberals suggests that social outcasts and minority groups such as homosexuals should be granted equal rights including the right to marry each other.

    Furthermore, they support the idea of legal abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Apart from the social responsibilities by the state, the liberals believe that the law should treat everyone as equal and there should no racial profiling whatsoever, no matter how crucial that might be deemed by any agency of the government.

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