Difference Between IGRP and EIGRP

Internet Gateway Routing Protocol IGRP is basically a routing protocol but is considered old as Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol EIGRP is the latest routing protocol which is also very popular in the modern world. Many people however think that both Internet Gateway Routing Protocol and Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol are same and provide help in routing. Cisco was the main body behind who created these both fine protocols to assist systems but as advancements are happening everyday, many people now tend to use more modern routing tools to help them regulate, monitor and access information on the internet.


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    Internet Gateway Routing Protocol is a routing tool which helps people related to different businesses as they need good programs to assist them in technological aspects of their organisation. This routing protocol gives assistance rapidly deleting IPv4 addresses. In Internet Gateway Routing Protocol, you need to know that all the elements of the routing protocol are in a given class of any specific subnet but at the same time it brings many difficulties for programmers who always want to share data with a protected routing protocol. The variables of all the routing length effects on the subnet while the system needs a proper backup before launching on the routing pad.

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    On the other hand, though Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol came to replace the earlier created Internet Gateway Routing Protocol, but still many organisations use both systems as their company’s well maintained backup. Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol was largely developed in 1993. Its main use was to make sure the supply of IPv4 address in VLSM. All the good programmers and system analysts know that Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol is more effective than its previous developed model of Internet Gateway Routing Protocol.

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    They basically broadcast a hello packet which gives routers the information which they received from other programs. Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol has now replaced all other programs. It is also a classless protocol with dual uses. Enhanced Internet Gateway Routing Protocol’s consumption of bandwidth is also very low as it gives more powerful data processing.

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