Difference Between Triggers and Cursors

A trigger is a digital device that can store one bit of information. In particular, quite common of all the triggers is RS-trigger. They are used in a small amount of static RAM, when a cell size is not critical, for example, CMOS-memory settings on the computer motherboard.

Pointers (cursors) are currently used almost anywhere where there is a computer. Without them it is difficult to quickly and easily navigate through the structured sections of the site or software package. Web cursors are different from other types of cursors ability to edit most of the display settings.


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    Trigger is a chip that contains at least two gates 2I-NOT. It may be, in particular, K155LA3 or K561LA7. They both contain similar elements, and thus for any of them can be collected up to two RS-flip-flops. But the second chip is better since it consumes much less power.

    Connect the output of one logic element with another one of the inputs. Do the same with respect to the output of the second logic element. If you did everything correctly, the elements will be connected to each other, and each of them will be having one free entry. Do not forget to apply to the chip power (its parameters and how to connect the source depends on the type of chip).

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    Websites that have attractive appearance become popular among visitors. To improve the appearance of the resource, their owners completely or partially change the design. But adding new colourful elements for page layout, unfortunately, takes time. A quick way to grab the attention of users of the resource is to replace the cursor.

    Although the cursor size area is small, the cursor has a great significance without the shadow of the doubt. It's not just the icon, it's an extension of your hand, and the connection of the physical world with the virtual. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to change the cursor to a more attractive and individual one.

    Microsoft Windows has built-in features that allow you to change the cursor button and settings. To access them, go to the "Start" menu, select "Settings" and then go to "Control Panel". Find the icon "Mouse" and open it with double click. This will open a window that allows customizing and changing some of the parameters of the mouse, such as speed of movement, the inversion wheel buttons or other options.

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