Difference between Madame and Mademoiselle

The French terms Madame and Mademoiselle are basically used for ladies in order to give them respect. Both of these terms sometimes are taken mistakenly as the same and many people think that these are two different terms of the same name. However, Madame and Mademoiselle are different in many aspects and those who consider these terms as the same are completely wrong in their understanding of these terms. Both of these terms are used to differentiate the marital status of women. Madame is the term which is used as a respect for those women who are married while Mademoiselle is a French term which is commonly used for unmarried women. People also started to call Mademoiselle to all young ladies and Madame to all older ladies. In official forms in France, there used to be two different boxes including Madame and Mademoiselle and women were required to fill out these boxes according to their marital status. However, it has been abolished recently because of the protests of females in France. Keep reading to learn more about both French terms Madame and Mademoiselle.


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    Madame is the French term which is used to give respect to the mature, older and married females in France. This term has been used for centuries and became a norm of the society. The French government also included two boxes requiring the information of females whether they Madame or not, which means they are married or not. However, it has been abolished from the official documents recently because of the annoyance of all females who has been considering it a sexist thing that was causing them mental and emotional harm. Now, all official documents in France contain the word “Madame” that represents all females whether young or old, married or unmarried.

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    Mademoiselle is a French term that is commonly used for females who have not yet married or who are younger ones. Usually all girls in France are called Mademoiselle which is a common word used to show respect to young females. In the recent past, there was a classification of women of young and older women on the official documents of France. However, with a high demand from females, Mademoiselle was removed from the documents and now they are represented by the word Madame. It has been a norm of calling young ladies as Mademoiselle for many centuries and there are still many areas in France where people give respect to unmarried females by calling them Mademoiselle.

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