Difference between Huck and Tom

Huck and Tom are two main characters of Mark Twain’s novel named Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Both of these characters grabbed the attention of countless people who show their love for literature because Huck and Tom are quite popular characters in children’s literature. Many people think that Huck and Tom are the similar characters and they are right in their opinion but with a close study, you will be able to identify that there are many huge differences among these two characters who spend their life in completely different domestic environments in their early childhood. They do many adventures together but these adventures do not change the major differences in their personality.

Huck belongs to a down to earth family and his father is a drunkard man. He can be considered as an orphan because he has to live on his own for his survival. On the other hand, Tom is an orphan but he has his aunt who looks after him very well and fulfils all of his needs with greater responsibility. Huck belongs to a poor family while Tom is from a high family. Huck is confident, and a practical person while Tom is dependent on those around him. Huck believes in practicality of life and is a logical person unlike Tom who is a daydreamer and believes in fancy stories. Huck is mature in many aspects of life but Tom is an immature person having no practicality. Keep reading this article to know more about these two interesting and famous characters of the novel Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


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    Huckleberry Finn, also famous as Huck, belongs to a poor family and his drunkard father makes things more difficult for him as he has to earn for his survival even from the boyhood age. He is very practical person with a rational approach and does not set up unrealistic goals for himself. He has a carefree attitude without paying too much attention to the norms of the traditional society. He remains absent from city in order to follow his frees thinking about life. He also does not worry about picking up things or about stealing things. He shows a practical approach towards life which makes his a strong character.

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    Tom Sawyer is an orphan but he enjoys everything at home because of his aunt who supports him in all of his boyish pranks. Tom’s aunt takes care of him in every possible manner but he does not like interference of her aunt into his matters. He is a daydreamer who loves to be involved in fancy stories and adventures. He is not a practical or rational man who knows much about the down to earth realities of life and also possesses an immature character. However, he is invited in all parties that people in his circle often throw on different occasions.

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