What Is Gluten And How Does It Affect The Body

There are some natural substances our body is sensitive too. Gluten is one of them. If your body is sensitive to gluten intake, you are suffering from the celiac disease. An increasing number of people are complaining of gluten problems that cause Celiac and hamper a healthy lifestyle. While the prevalence rate of celiac diseases in around 1% of the population, the number is growing with increased use of processed food. You need to know more about the compound gluten, where it is present and how it affects you if you have been noticing adverse reactions to its intake. Our step by step guide has all the information you need so that you can fully fight the enemy with all the right weapons.


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    Let us see what gluten actually is. It is a protein that has a sticky and gluey texture. This form of protein is found in wheat, rye , barley and rice. So most grains have it.  It is heavily present in the bakery confectioneries that we consume. The gluten holds the dough together in cookies and cakes. Items like pasta, pizza, soy sauce can also contain the protein.

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    If you are sensitive to gluten intake, a chronic disorder ensues when you consume something with gluten in it. When you consume this protein, an allergic reaction is triggered after it is digested with the food. When it reaches the small intestine, it hampers the function of the finger like villi projections there. The body recognizes the gluten as a foreign substance and toxin and launches a defense reaction against it. The antibodies which are released against them also damage the villi. So the body damages its own tissue to hamper the digestion of gluten.

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    The villi are responsible for the intake of digested food which gives you energy and nutrients. When these villi are injured and non-functional, they can no longer absorb digested food and your body can suffer from malnutrition. So no matter how much food you eat, it is not used up by your body.

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    Other symptoms of the disease include chronic fatigue, anemia, skin rash, osteoporosis and immune disorders.  The antibodies in the blood stream also damage other body tissues. The body no longer has the energy to sustain itself and may shut down. This condition needs immediate treatment because it gets worse by the day as the body grows weak. However, the only effective treatment identified up till now is consuming gluten free diet.

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