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As an FMU Online student, you’ll have support from your first day of enrollment through your entrance into the workforce. Just a few of the services offered include: new student advising and orientation, scholarship information, textbook ordering assistance, transcript assistance and evaluation, quarterly academic advising, course troubleshooting, an online library, skilled instructors, career planning and testing, resume and interview assistance, and career placement.

Job openings in the accounting field are predicted to significantly increase over the next few years. The Accounting Program offers a well organized introduction into this exciting field. Curriculum includes the principles of accounting, financial statement analysis, payroll accounting, tax/cost accounting, spreadsheets, business law, and general finance. Because technology plays an integral role in the accounting field, computer classes, which emphasize computerized accounting applications, are part of your training.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for admission to FMU Online. You must also have access to a personal computer with an internet connection to complete your degree. The application process consists of five easy steps.

1. Telephone Interview- Discuss your education and career objectives
2. Complete the online application (available at
3. Complete the financial aid questionnaire (aid is available for those who qualify)
4. Take the online quiz (designed to help you better understand the online learning process)
5. Complete the enrollment application (complete the required enrollment packet and mail it in with the $25 registration fee)

After admission, but before registering for classes each quarter, you must make arrangements to cover the cost of tuition, books and fees. A deferred payment plan may be available for students who are eligible for employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement benefits. Tuition is due at the time of registration each quarter and is determined by multiplying the number of credit hours you are registered for by the current rate of tuition. Textbook costs per quarter are charged independently and they vary by class and by quarter.

Florida Metropolitan University is one of the largest private universities in the state of Florida. Their first campus, Tampa College, was established in 1890. They have 10 campus locations in Florida and boast national accreditation by ACICS.

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