My College Application Essay

This is a college application essay used to get me into the College of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University. It received a perfect score when graded by an AP English professor.

“What is the best advice you have ever received, and how has it influenced you?”

In case my transcript isn’t a clear indication that I suck at math and have always sucked at math, let me put it this way- despite all its exciting equations and tantalizing theorems, I still manage to screw up any, and every, mathematical problem I encounter. Throughout the years, many math teachers have attempted to offer wonderful pieces of advice like “try studying” or “pay attention.” I even had a teacher suggest I look at math the same way I did my beloved English language. Unfortunately, math is like Greek to me and, needless to say, I don’t speak Greek.

I considered auditing my Algebra 3 class my junior year after barely passing the first semester, but first decided to ask Mrs. Prater, my approachable instructor, for help. Her words of wisdom not only changed the way I viewed math, but also the way I now life my life; “it is better to go after something and fail than to fail to go after something.”

From that day on, I tried my hardest to incorporate the clever chiasmus into every aspect of my busy schedule. Though I didn’t have an impeccable scholastic record, I made a conscious effort and continually coaxed myself to try harder with my schoolwork. I also ran for numerous club chairs offered at my school and, although I didn’t win every single election, I continued to voice my opinions and offer help when it was needed.

When I felt like giving up, I would use Mrs. Prater’s inspiring words as a motivational chant. During lengthy cheerleading practices, it gave me focus and drive; instead of becoming frustrated when my piano lesson was going poorly, I remained open-minded; and when attending loud, chaotic club meetings, I brought composure and order.

Mrs. Prater’s piece of advice didn’t alter my chances of failing, because failure is inevitable. It did, however, help me realize that I shouldn’t allow the times I’ve failed outweigh the life experience I’ve gained. Not only did I receive the best advice a struggling student could ask for, but also a well-deserved A on my last semester final.

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