Difference between Punjabi and Sikh

Punjab is perhaps the largest province in the world, having a population of over 150 million. It is situated partly in India and Pakistan. The name itself means that land of five rivers. The area that Punjab covers is in excess of 137000 square miles.

The area is known for its fertile lands which are the main source of grains production for the populations of both India and Pakistan. People in Punjab are mostly farmers and have strong physical built.

Generally there is a confusion that Punjabi and Sikhs are one and the same. There is incorrect and there is a market difference between the two.

Sikhs are mainly from Punjab, but they are not the only ones living there. There are Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other religious groups that are also present in Punjab. They all, along with the Sikhs, are known as Punjabis and share the same geographical location. In Pakistani Punjab infact, you will hardly find a Sikh.

A Sikh can be a Punjabi but not all Punjabis are Sikhs.


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    The people belonging to Punjab are known as Punjabis. The main occupation in Punjab is farming though people in the last few decades have taken up other professions as well, especially armed forces. The area is known for its greenery and the people are generally good natured and very hospitable.

    The language that is spoken mainly is Punjabi though there are several other languages that are spoken as well. The people, irrespective of the language they speak, are known as Punjabis since they belong to the province. The language itself has a large number of dialects and the way it is spoken varies from area to area.

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    Sikhs are a religious group who follow the teachings of Guru Nanak. They are mostly based in Punjab though their greater population lies in the Indian Punjab. There are non-Punjabi Sikhs as well such as those residing in Peshawar which speak Pashto and identify themselves as Pashtoons. They are known for their strong physical attributes and bright smiles.

    The main religious centre of the Sikhs is in Hassan Abdal, Pakistan where Sikhs from all over the world come every year to pay their respects to their spiritual leader.

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