Difference between Lens and Lense

Lens and lense are two different words converying the same meaning, referring to the spherical glasses which are used to focus light on the retina of a human eye.

In most regions of the world, people pronounce and spell it as lens; however, others use lense. Many people are confused about the correct spelling of the word but both the variations are considered to be right. Lens is also an integral part of the human eye.

According to the experts, lense is not considered to be incorrect but lens is preferred and is regarded as grammatically right.

The plural form of lens however, is lenses, which is the reason why according to some experts, lense makes more sense than lens etymologically because the plural can be made by just adding s.

What this also does is justify the use of both words.


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    A device made of transparent matter like glass with bent surfaces, which helps focus ray of lights to create an image at a desired place are called lens.

    Lenses is the plural form of lens. People, who are struggling with vision through one eye or both, use a lens or lenses to enhance their eye sight.

    Lens allows a human to see everything around him/her clearly. They are also used in cameras and play a huge role in their efficiency.

    It is also considered to be a part of human anatomy. This word is also used for safety glasses or sunglasses used by human beings.

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    Lense is exactly the same as lens and is just a spelling variant, used in different parts of the world. This variation of the word is widely accepted as correct by most language experts.

    MS Word rejects this spelling when you type it there. However, it is accepted by many reliable dictionaries. Some people wrongly believe that lense means something else or the spellings are incorrect. This perception is only there because lens is more commonly used.

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