Difference Between Ubuntu and Debian

Ubuntu and Debian are both free and open source operating systems which have been developed by Linux. However, there are still quite a few differences between the two. Ubuntu is mostly used by professionals and has more user-friendly interface as compared to Debian which can be used by anyone on desktop or laptop.

Furthermore, Debian has been developed in collaboration with GNU project and includes some software which are not free whereas Ubuntu offers completely free products without any kind of charges. In addition, Ubuntu follows a philosophy of encouraging sharing amongst the people for free.


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    It is an operating system which is based on Debian Linux distribution. Moreover, it has been named after the philosophy of ‘ubuntu’ originated from Southern Africa. Besides, it is distributed as a completely free and open source software around the world which means that any developer can make changes in its codes to upgrade it.

    It is the most famous Linux distribution on laptop as well on desktop computers. Besides, it is also popular for its cloud computing on servers. It is developed by Canonical Ltd., which is based in the United Kingdom and is owned by Mark Shuttleworth who is a South African entrepreneur.

    The project of Ubuntu is based on the principle of open source software development and to help and encourage people to use free software. In addition, it also promotes the free advancement and distribution of the software.

    Ubuntu is considered as the safest operating system as it keeps itself safe from potential threats from the internet or any other source through routine updates. The normal operating systems keep on getting slower with the updates. But, Ubuntu’s speed keeps on increasing with its updates which makes it different from the other systems.

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    It is an open source software packages with the GNU General Public License. It is commonly known as Debian GNU/Linux operating system and is free to use. It has been developed under the GNU project and Linux. It is one of the most extensively used Linux distributions for personal computers and the internet server machines. Any software developer in the world can make improvements in this operating system so as to make it easier for the users and more compatible with the latest technology.

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