What is Involved in LLC Registration

A Limited Liability Company offers numerous benefits to its users and that is why it has gained significant popularity in the recent years. Unlike the other forms of ownership or business registration, a limited liability company offers more flexibility and convenience. For this, you have to be very thorough and decide whether you want your business to be conducted in the domain of LLC or not.  For this, you must obtain the information regarding the documentation to make sure that everything is in order.


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    Choose the state in which you want to run your business

    It is of utmost importance that you carefully choose the state where you want to conduct business. Remember that the laws of LLCs might slightly vary from state to state. Therefore, you must choose a suitable state to run your business. In addition, do not just look for the state laws but keep in mind the feasibility of your business and never choose a state which is unsuitable for your business. State laws may vary on the percentage of taxes and other policies, so you should check them properly.

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    Register LLC

    After you have decided the state, you must not waste a moment and register your LLC. For this, you will be required to contact the Secretary of State’s office. You must turn on your computer and open your web browser. Make sure that you are connected to internet and type in the keywords. From the search results, choose the website link and obtain the contact information from the website. You can register through email or phone whatever suits you.

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    Provide information

    Remember that you will be required to provide complete information in order to register your LLC. For this, you should decide a name for your business and do not forget to add LLC in the name. You should also give in the names of the board of directors and other high management personnel. Do not forget to mention whether the company would be for a limited time period or would continue the business. You would also have to submit your business plan, clearly defining the nature of business and the target audience.

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    Submit the articles of association and registration fee

    After you have completed the form, you must submit your articles of association and pay the registration fee that is required the Secretary of State department.

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