Difference Between Tandoori and Tikka

Good food is often the weakness of people all over the world. The tastes from the different regions can leave one’s taste buds tingling and making him or her unable to stop eating these delicious delights. There are many techniques with which the food is made all over the world and the regional style adds its own flavour to the same dishes.

The Indian Subcontinent has its own dishes as well as some of their own versions of internationally familiar dishes. In recent times, chicken tikka and chicken tandoori have gained a lot of fame and have been a favourite at restaurants that serve sub continental food both at home and abroad.

They have similar tastes and similar nature but there are some differences that make them quite different from each other.

For starters, chicken tikka is more often than not boneless chicken, mostly from the breast. In some cases, there can be some bone with it. The tandoori chicken is not boneless and has all the bones that are attached to the meat naturally.

The size of a tikka is smaller in general though there are variations in which a quarter of the chicken is made with this style. On the flipside, tandoori chicken is generally half or full chicken that is made and is much larger in size when compared to a tikka.

The cooking technique is also different. The tandoori chicken is made on a tandoor, which is a round clay oven with charcoal at the bottom heating the chicken to cook it. On the other hand, tikka is made is open on an angeethi which is a small grill. Charcoal is the source of heat in this case.


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    The chicken is well marinated before it is placed in the tandoor for cooking. Generally there are more than one chicken in the tandoor at a given time.

    The taste is quite good though it is important that it is given enough time for the marinate to seep into the chicken thoroughly. This allows the chicken to be a lot more tasty as well as tender and juicy.

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    These are smaller sized boneless chicken pieces that are well marinated and are cooked on the heat of the charcoal. There are different marinating techniques that can be used and different recipes can offer different tastes.

    It takes 15-20 minutes to be ready and tastes well with the mint chutney and lemon. A traditional naan adds to the fun as well.

    - Image Courtesy: forum.xcitefun.net

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