Difference between KJV, NIV and TNIV

Almost every religion has its own Holy Book. These books describe all the religious beliefs, thoughts, practices, history, and values of the relevant religions. While Muslims have Quran, the followers of Hinduism seek religious advice from Bhagavad Gita.

Similarly, the Christian community has Bible as the Holy Book. There are three different versions of Bible available; KJV, NIV, and TNIV. Since all these versions have been prepared by great scholars of Christianity, they are totally equal in all respects.

The major difference between these versions is how the scholars approached the concepts of Christianity and Jesus. So, if someone is interested in knowing the real differences between these three versions of Bible, he/she needs to read them thoroughly.

NIV stands for the New International Version, and it is easily the best selling version of the Holy Bible all across the globe. But, it is not considered to be as compact and informative as KJV – King James Version. The latter is also known as the Authorised Version.

King James Version is different from the other two, because it is the only word-by-word translation of the original Bible. While the Authorised Version is the word-by-word translation, Today’s New International Version (TNIV) is termed as a phrase by phrase translation of the Holy Book.


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    The English translation of Bible was started in 1604, and the process continued for nearly seven years. The King James Version is the third official translation of the book. This version was produced only because the Protestant groups found plenty of problems in the first two translations of the Holy Bible.

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    It is another important translation of the Holy Book.

    Biblica is the original creator of this version. New International Version is relatively newer, as it was introduced in 1970. Its publisher has granted rights to two separate companies in United Kingdom and United States of America. This version was released in 1973 by the New York Bible Society. The job of producing the NIV was assigned to the society back in 1965.

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    It the latest version of the Bible as compared to NIV and KJV. Biblica is also responsible for this version of the Holy Book. It was introduced in 2002. As far as the content is concerned, there is hardly any major difference between TNIV and NIV.

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