What Is A Panhandler

Panhandler is an American slang, which simply means a beggar. So panhandler is a person who counts on charity by others to survive. Generally, beggars are homeless people with a level of some disability in some countries, especially they cannot be rehabilitated and reintegrated in the mainstream society and have to beg for survival. In some social welfare states such as the United Kingdom where begging is not allowed out open in the streets, people in need of charity are rehabilitated.


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    Panhandlers are people generally in dire need of charities for survival. It can be due to the reasons that these people do not receive any state help or cannot arrange a decent source of income on their own.

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    Panhandlers in some countries are people with some level of disability and cannot work to earn and feed themselves. Since there is no social protection from the state, they need to beg out in the streets to survive.

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    Sometimes panhandlers are beggars with no reasons for begging. They are generally homeless people who beg during the day to feed themselves and then sleep at public transport networks stations and pavements at night. The problem is common in developing countries where there is no state social security for these people.

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    Panhandling generally refers to the aggressive tactics used by beggars to get charities out of the people's pockets. It can be that they fake their injuries or use other means to beg.

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    In some countries, reports of organized begging groups have appeared frequently. These communities live in makeshift tents and work as professional beggars for generations. They take the matter as a professional routine and sometimes are able to fetch a lot of charities.

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    A negative aspect of panhandling is use of children in begging, which also results in abuse and torture of these children, while they are groomed to grow up as professional beggars, taking up place of their family members to receive charities from people.

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    The use of fake and aggressive tactics has also emerged as the latest negative aspect of the panhandling and this has in fact made even considerate people avoid giving charities to such people.

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